pro ∙cras ∙ ti ∙ nate: to defer action; delay. In other words, not do the things you should be doing but instead googling videos of Rihanna and James Arthur and looking for dresses that make you look like a supermodel.

I start my degree in English Literature in February, for those of you who can't keep up. I like to be organised, or at least I used to like being organised back when I was single and without a child. It seems a lot harder these days. Maybe because spontaneity is much more fun (take note, husband), especially with a child in tow (although that is some peoples idea of hell). I'm going to whizz through the reading list so I know what the books are about and can get a feel for the topics I'll be studying. Or that was the plan, anyway.

Now Lil goes to nursery one day a week and spends one day with my grandparents, I have the perfect opportunity to start sorting my shit out and prepping for becoming a student again. That doesn't include planning outfits for freshers week and spending my student loan on crap, I'm studying with the Open University. That's not how things roll over there. So of course yesterday was going to be a perfect day to snuggle under a blanket and start reading. But stuff got in the way...

Texting a friend who also likes to procrastinate...

Food, youtube, googling how to get a flat stomach in a week, texting friends, playing with our new coffee machine, painting my nails, blowdrying my hair... see, I'm already the perfect stereotype. I didn't, however, read the play was I hoping to. I read the prologue and then got bored, it would seem my attention span is not what it was and for that I have CBeebies and co to thank. I can no longer practise self-discipline because I promised myself a slice of cake if I read half of it, instead I just ate the cake.

So now I'm on a mission to find some self-discipline (for my studies and for what I shove down my throat) and start ploughing through this monster of a reading list. But after I've found that dress and had something to eat...


  1. The fact that I just read this post and I'm commenting here means I'm also procrastinating too. I'm trying to do the same now as a writer, and the hours FLY BY before it's time to pick up O and get shit done again. Having mental space is one of the things I miss the most since having a kid.

    Good luck on your degree and hope you enjoy it - English Lit is one of the things on my Life List too, hope I'll be able to do it one day too.

  2. Just discovered your blog and reading back through your posts - I too am studying English Literature through the OU in Feb and have become a master in procrastination. In fact, it is that very thing that has found me here, commenting on your post when I'm supposed to be reading about Cleopatra. CBeebies has a lot to answer for! I look forward to reading future posts about your study and wishing you lots of good luck!