On Booze.

No, not the F Scott Fitzgerald book (that I'm about to read). Me, on booze.

This post was going to start off all 'I'm giving up booze' after four days of drunken, hungover, unacceptable behaviour on my part. Let's just say it's a surprise my liver isn't pickled and I'm not lying in the morgue.

Anyway, I was going to stop with the drinking. Maybe for a month, hopefully forever because we never seem to get on, booze and I. I'm not an alcoholic nor do I have alcoholic tendencies (for those of you who were about to call Social Services). I just like a glass of wine after a rough day (oh god, that doesn't paint me in the best picture does it?). Rephrase: I sometimes like a glass of wine with dinner. Yes, I sometimes binge drink if I go out (read: hardly ever) but that is a once every few months thing. Otherwise, I'm pretty tame. Ok, I'll stop. Put the phone down.

What I'm trying to say is, it's hard for a mother to swear off alcohol. In my opinion and experience. Had a shit day full of tantrums? Ah, let me pour myself a glass. Baby sick? Had a rough day? Open the bottle and pour me one... And while some of you may deny it, I've seen a lot of photo's Instagrammed: a bath and a glass of wine, chocolate and a glass of wine (you know who you are!), a bottle of wine (guilty), wine with dinner.

I've realised that while I probably could live without alcohol and that it isn't a necessity (who am I kidding?), I need to better my relationship with it. I'm not eighteen anymore, binge drinking isn't fun neither is it clever when you have a child to look after the next day. I can't drink friends under the table anymore, or even handle my drink for that matter. And how, at twenty something (ahem), have I still not learnt that no food + booze is just a disaster.

I had a double shot of espresso today and as I write this I'm all jittery and bouncing off the walls. If I can't handle Cafe Nero, it's definitely time to slow it down with the Shiraz.


  1. I'm definitely not good with alcohol. I can't have just one. Since I had Zach I've been drunk 10 times in the past 3 years. Think that's quite reasonable. People offer to babysit so I can go out for a bit, but what they don't get is I need help the day after when I'm completely destroyed. Went for drinks 2 weeks ago, and boy did it feel good. at least we're being responsible and not drinking during the day, while the kid is in the bath......! x

  2. Motherhood hasn't been able to make me stop drinking but what has is running! I simply cannot drink on most days because I always have my training plan in my head and I know that drinking will mess it up (so will eating sugar and lots of carbs so I stay away from those as well - hard core, I know!)

  3. I look forward to my glass of wine a night like a drowning person and a life raft. Okay maybe not that bad but on a bad day it is what gets me through the day. This worries me occasionally so I don't drink for a night or so to prove I'm not reliant on it! I've always relied on a glass of wine to relax me during stressful periods of life and there ain't nothing more stressful than life with a babe. Antonio's the same and I think a lot of it has to do with being stuck in the house in the evening. You can't just pop to the pub or the cinema so the glass of wine acts like a symbol that it's adult time. I'm just glad we're not the only ones like this!