November, NOVEMBER!

It's November. My favourite month. My best.

There's bonfire night, my birthday and the run up to the party season. We are now in the depths of Autumn and it's such a wonderful feeling. I can't say I've been the loveliest person to be around over the past few months (I'm sure my husband would agree) but I woke up this morning tired and SMILING. A rarity (just ask Lil).

I feel positive and happy after a crap few weeks (and it's not just because in a week today I expect a ton of gifts - ahem, Tim) but because it's cold and our cheeks are rosy and I can share this amazing season with my daughter (last year she wasn't interested, little bore).

So here's to November, the cold, fireworks and my birthday. To friendships, love, happiness, gifts (shallow but... we all deserve some luxuries), smiles, adventures and then...Christmas.

Happy November everyone xxx

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  1. Glad you're feeling happier. Love your hair too, very glam x