Lil, the bookworm.

Yes, she get's it from her Mother, I have never seen her father read a book (newspapers do not count, Tim). I started reading to her at a very early age and I'd like to think this is partly why she loves stories and books so much.

As a baby, board books with animals on were her favourite. Now, it's still books with bright illustrations but I've noticed the more 'sing-song' the story, the more she's in to it.

Here are a few of my her favourites right now...

Jack and the flumflum tree - her favouritest, bestest of all time (so far). Jack's granny get's the moozles so it's up to him and his crew to find the cure on the crazy Island of Blowyernose. A lovely book to read as a parent. I've read it that many times I know most of it off by heart...

Pantone: Colours - Not a story book but she likes to name the colours and objects and this is a great book for arty/creative Mums.

Each Peach Pear Plum - A classic, I had this as a child. Full of the traditional nursery rhyme characters and a lovely sing-song book. This was given to Lil by Theo and Abi and has been one of her favourites ever since.

The Gruffalo's Child - Another book we often read at bedtime (although not as often as the flum flum one). Again, a great story that rhymes. Lil enjoys the sing-songness of it.

Monster Day at Work - Lil always asks where Daddy is on a weekday morning and answers her own question with 'Daddy work' which is when she brings this book out. A lovely book with great illustrations by the super talented Sarah Dyer.

Happy reading, toddlers!

P.S One for the Mama's - if you've read Buddhism for Mother's - A Calm Approach To Caring For Yourself And Your Children, I highly recommended Sarah Napthali's second book. Her books help me through the tough times and have inspired me to become a calmer person. Believe or not, I meditate daily (much to my husbands amusement). If you haven't read her first book, go buy it. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Shall have to check out 'Jack and the Flumflum Tree' - can't believe there's a Julia Donaldson we haven't read, but apparently so!!

  2. ::blushes::
    Thank you Charlotte, so nice of you to include me between those beauties! I am touched, and I'm glad you like :)

  3. I bought Buddism for Mothers for my Kindle and have completely forgotten about it until now so thanks for the reminder. Have you read What Mothers Do by Naomi Stadlen, really recommend it for a pick me up too.