My name is Charlotte and I'm addicted to...

the sound of the hoover.

When Lil was born, I downloaded a baby sleep app from the app store on to my phone. It includes sounds from the womb (or whatever they think these sounds sound like), the waves crashing or the rain hitting the window. We used the sound of the hoover to soothe Lil to sleep when we just couldn't bare to do it ourselves after she first turned our world upside down. We still use it on her occasionally, especially if she's having a restless night.

But every night when I'm in bed, I switch it on for myself for I cannot get to sleep without it. No matter how tired I am or think I'll fall to sleep as soon as I'm in bed, I can't sleep if I don't hear the noise of the hoover. I feel like a bit of a freak, to have such a comfort at the age of almost twenty seven. Why not just give me a god damn blankie and a bottle, right?

Does anyone else have anything that comforts them (alcohol aside)? Or am I due a long stay in a padded room?


  1. I bought a DVD of Bagpuss for Lu, she has not watched it once, I watch it a lot when I go to bed. How pathetic!!!

  2. I LOVE to fall asleep to the TV, i'd sleep with it going all night if my hub would let me! When I was a student & first met him, I was OBSESSED with Friends and a Jack Dee Live VHS (oh jesus christ - VHS, are you kidding me!?!) ... anyway, after the day / night was done i used to put it on to fall asleep... how i'm still not single is beyond me!

    Enjoy your hoover!!

  3. This is really shameful, and I have never admitted it to anyone before, but I can't sleep without first reading the celebrity gossip section of the Daily Mail on my iPhone.