18 months.

8 weeks old.

Lil is 18 months old today. Where did those months go? I remember the times when I used to sit and watch her all day. I'd casually look at the clock to see it was 3pm and we were both still in our pyjamas and I'm glad I left the house in a mess and just watched my tiny daughter stare back at me wondering what the fuck my problem was. Looking back, I took a video of her almost every day during those first few months and to watch her transform in to a baby with a million expressions was delightful.

I can hear her now, upstairs with Daddy. Fighting sleep. Something she used to do back then too. Motherhood is so hard and there are times when I have questioned if I did the right thing. Not that it mattered for not only was it too late, I was smitten. This kid infuriates me like no other, she tests my patience one hundred times a day and her sometimes consistent whining drives me crazy. But gosh do I love her bones. I love her so much it breaks my heart and I still wish, everyday, that I could make time stand still.

My beautiful best girl.

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  1. She is sooo pretty. That outfit! The kid dresses better than I do.

    Happy half birthday, Lil!x