My husband.

I don't really write about him do I? I once thanked him on here but that was about it. I feel I need to publicly apologise to him, he'll realise then that I am sorry.

I've been very nasty to him lately, you don't need to know why but it was a bit unnecessary. Yes, it's annoying when he doesn't wash up properly (it's really annoying - I mean, HOW HARD IT IS?) but it probably doesn't warrant me screaming at him. It isn't his fault his asthma has flared up so it was probably a bit out of order for me to tell him to shut his stupid mouth noise up. Sorry about that, Tim.

I moaned at him for his lack of affection but now I know it's because I'd probably tell him to fuck off if he so much as put his hand on my knee (he's never done that anyway so not a good example).

What I have to remember is that he works hard to keep Lil and I fed and clothed and I should probably cut him some slack. So I intend on trying to control my hormones (like that's even possible) and being nice.

If you need a little help, I suggest you read Chapter 7 of Buddhism for Mothers - 'Living with partners'. I don't think he's noticed yet (probably due to my outburst on Twitter about how annoying it is that he can't put the hoover away properly) but I've made some changes to the way I am with him.

Because contrary to what comes out of my mouth when I'm having 'an episode'... I do love him.


  1. MamaCymraeg wrote a post recently about her bloke and how having a baby was like having "a bomb going off in your relationship". That sentence really stuck with me because that's exactly how I feel about my relationship. It's so different now that Pip's in the picture too and we're still having trouble adjusting..does it ever get better???

    I've been meaning to ask you for ages if that book was any good. I'll take any help I can right now!


    1. It was MamaCymraeg who inspired me to publish an apology. It's easy to forget how much our other halves do for us when we're so blinded by the difficulty of motherhood. It does get better but it takes a lot of communication and understanding and a shit load of patience. By explaining my difficulties he sees how hard things can be at home and in turn explains how his daily life at work is also difficult. It's so easy to score points on who has the hardest job but communication is SO important. I think this is why we've been struggling so much since Lil arrived. Get the book, it's a god send.

  2. Scoring points - I definitely recognise that one! I NEED this book xxx