Birthday Wish List.

My birthday is fast approaching and I have been trying to compile a list of things I'd like. I'm not really after anything materialistic this year (apart from these earrings, this bag, this print and this cushion.) I do, however, have my eye on a shit load of better things...

1. Sleep. Even if it's just six hours of undisturbed sleep. Please.
2. An eye bag reduction or a concealer that isn't shit.
3. Some energy.
4. Quiet. Some god damn silence with no whining and zero screaming.
5. To not have to tidy up my daughters mess EVERY SINGLE DAY. Christ knows I'm so close to chucking her shit away. When will she learn to clear up after herself?
6. For my husband to actually wash up PROPERLY.
7. To have someone make me breakfast in bed. Anyone. Just once.
8. A BIRTHDAY CAKE (Mum are you reading this????)
9. To feel sexy (or is that not allowed now my tits sag?)
10. Fish and chips.

Anyone would think I was asking for the world. Sheesh. But all I'd love is EVERYTHING on my list, that isn't asking for the world, is it?


  1. I need EVERY SINGLE one of those for my birthday too. Gotta wait til March... points 1 and 9 are top of my list ;)

  2. My birthday is just over a week off - am dreading it as normal. I don't do birthdays very graciously.

  3. Get your bloke to cover the night shifts over the weekends, or at least over your birthday weekend. Dan does it, he doesn't like it, but he does it and it's a freakin' sanity saver.

    If he refuses, pack your bag and go on strike for a weekend. I hear the south-west is particularly good at this time of year. ;)

    And one last thing, you don't need that concealer. Your gorge. Fact.


  4. My tits sag too!! Blame it on the motherhood? x