The Homemade Mama otherwise known as SuperMum / Superwoman / Superknitter (or Kimberlee) is another of our wonderful sponsors. She is Mum to the gorgeous Henry and knits and sews and bakes. I'm actually extremely jealous that she has all these wonderful talents, I've tasted her baking... luckily for me I don't live in Bristol otherwise I wouldn't get through the door for all the cakes I'd consume. And her knitting ain't bad either (it's actually amazing - another skill I wish I could master). Yeah, this woman has skillz (check out her recipe for vegan lemon drizzle cake and her DIY how to - make your own cushion cover)

So we've teamed up with her for a giveaway that shows one of them off...

The Homemade Mama is giving away a 100% handmade, double sided heart garland made from luxury Merino yarns. Isn't it so pretty?!

All you have to do is follow The Homemade Mama on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment with your name / Twitter name below.

You have until Tuesday 24th July to enter and a winner will be picked at random by

AND Kimberlee is offering 20% discount when you book a knitting lesson if you quote code OSWYT (ends 22/7).

Talented and generous.

Good luck xoxo

You can follow The Homemade Mama's blog here.


  1. Already following on Twitter. Love this! Beautiful . TwitterID @jennymortimer1

  2. Hoping this works as I'm on my phone, love this, such a clever lady x

  3. this is so lovely! i want to learn how to do this! @ahmochrie x

  4. I already follow on Twitter and am completely in awe of her talents!

    TwitterID HannahDodd79

    Thanks x

  5. Love this, so cute! @franmochrie x