Whine AND wine.

I'm gonna do a whine..... this teething bollocks is getting outta hand. With a temperature of 39/40 last night and major panic from me, mashed up with at 1:30 A-FUCKING-M wake up this morning for TWOGODDAMNHOURS, I'm pretty much done. DONE DUN DUNNNNNNNN. I need more wine.

It's bad enough that I have to wake up at least three times in the night, twice to whining and once because she thinks it's appropriate to recite every single word she knows for two hours straight 'Mummy daddy yaya auntie poo monty moo baa peppa ellie noo noo no mummy toes draw'....etc.... she hasn't quite caught on to 'gothefucktosleep', let alone constant grumpiness in the day unless Daddy is around. 'Daddy daddy daddy daddy daddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddy'. Daddy is at work. 'Daddy'. Daddy is in the car. 'Daddy'. Daddy has gone the shops. 'Daddy'. Daddy has probably thrown himself off a bridge if he has any sense because that is what Mummy is going to do if you don't stop fucking asking for Daddy. 'Daddy'.

Oh fuck off.

Am I wrong to be thinking these things in my head? AM I?

All I want is quiet. No whining or 'Daddy' or tantrums of screaming or whining. Oh, I already did that one. I want smiles and laughter back. Not raging red gums or Calpol down my leg because she thinks it's funny to spit it out.

Did I write this all already in a previous post? Oh, I did. Sorry.

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  1. If I had a bottle of something strong, I'd send it your way. Instead can I offer you a stupid, wanky "cyber hug" instead?


    I think you should book a couple of days off, leave lady Lil with Daddy and let the "Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama" commence.
    Cruel? Yes totally, but sometimes it's good to remind the boys exactly what we have to put up with. >;)