Teething, terrible, terrible two's...

Been a bit quiet, sorry about that.

Lil is teething, hardcore this time. Proper hardcore. She has two new teeth with another about to cut. If you're yet to experience teething, can I just warn you... you will need a lot of Calpol, Nurofen, wine / vodka / gin and patience. I'm struggling over here...

Another addition to our lives... 'the terrible two's'. Yeah I know, she's fifteen months old. Well that's just another thing that don't tell you. Apparently they can strike before two so really it shouldn't be called the terrible two's at all. Arseholes.

So I may be dipping in and out of this over the next few weeks until a) the teething settles down (although I doubt this will be until her gob is full of them) and b) I have her tantrums under control (foot stamping and all - if it's possible to get them under control... you tell me.).

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine. It's supposed to be a scorcher week.

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  1. I feel your pain. Mine is 16 months and after a quiet couple of weeks since the last meltdown, she's decided she'd rather not go to bed at all thankyouverymuch, would quite like to be wide awake for no apparent reason at 1am and while she's awake she'd prefer to be attached to one or both of my legs at all times. Unless her Dad's around and then I get tears every time she gets peeled off him and handed to me.

    The joys of motherhood. Thank the lord for wine o'clock. Hang in there x