I was going to write about what I saw in The Sunday Times Style Magazine yesterday about being a cool Mum and how, in order to fit the bill, you have to own a pair of £300 boots or £200 pair of sunglasses and Boden/Cath Kidston/baking cupcakes are SO GOD DAMN UNCOOL.

But I'm not going to waste my time.

Tomorrow Lil takes part in The Big Toddle for Barnardos. A charity that helped my Grandad, her Grampy, find a family after his mother handed him over for adoption.

So instead of writing about something that makes my blood boil, I'm going to write about something that makes my heart explode. GENEROSITY AND KINDNESS.

We have smashed the £500 target. And it's because of the kindness of people I love, people who are part of Lilian's life and people I haven't met (yet) that we've done so. The generosity of others is astounding. I don't know how to thank those who have helped us reach OVER £500. FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS! 


My heart wants to burst with happiness. I am speechless.

Here is some information about what the charity does. I urge you to read it and find out where the money is going.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, a million times. You're wonderful and have beautiful, BEAUTIFUL souls.


P.S Here is what I wrote about being cool a while ago. Wanna know a little secret those douchebags over at The Sunday Times are yet to find out about????? Have a read.

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  1. a) I do want to know your secret so will click on your last link. and b) I love the idea of the Big Toddle. x