EXPLICIT POST: Time to get a body like a Pussycat doll.

Tonight I went to body conditioning class. I've never been one for exercise but since having Lil I am determined to get a body that would make Heidi Klum jealous (I know, will NEVER happen but a girl can dream).

I was going to leave it until I felt 100% better but tonight I had the urge to get all hot and sweaty. Now this may have had something to do with the fact that earlier I watched Ryan Gosling for two hours but unless I tried it, I would never know.

So off I went thinking that it would be easy, I've never been to body conditioning before. It sounds quite relaxing doesn't it? When you condition your hair, it's relaxing. Naturally I thought the same about the class. WRONG. I can be very deluded.

The last time I exercised was when I ran for the train in June 2010. I was on my way to my leaving drinks at my old job. I then spent five hours exercising my right arm (glass to lips) my mouth (chatting non stop) and my abs (laughing) so I knew it would be challenging to even spend five minutes at this class but body conditioning is relaxing remember, so it wouldn't be too hard. WRONG AGAIN.

After four minutes I was sweating and gasping for water. How the fuck was I supposed to get through the next 56? Concentrate Charlotte. Body conditioning is a hardcore class and I was in a room full of women at level two.

Lifts and squats and lunges. The only way I was going to get to the end of this without passing out was by imagining Ryan Gosling lifting me up to pull me on top of him. Naked. And then he would lunge at me. You get the picture...

I got through the class. By the end of it, I had done some pretty explicit things to Ryan. In the rain. In the bedroom. That dirty boy wore me out. I am going to ache in the morning.

And I'm certainly going back for more next week...


  1. oh charlotte you do make me laugh. but good on you! I go to buggy fit with lots of snooty mums, and after the first one i couldn't walk for 4 days.

    but it gets easier i promise!

  2. LMAO. loving your blog!! and I need to start exercising next week, I'm going to try the Ryan Gosling imagery and see if it helps :-)