Just Me And Her: Day One.

Today his Highness jetted off to Chicago leaving me, quite literally, holding the baby.

I keep telling myself it will be fine but the day ain't over yet. I still have the night feeds to get through plus the early start tomorrow (this morning she woke up at 5am). Anyone that knows me will know I need my sleep. I'd rather go without new shoes and get eight hours. I know.

The Grandparents brought dinner over (they know I only eat chocolate when left to my own devices) which was nice and the kid behaved herself. She's now asleep for the night (I hope).

I have a ton of respect for single parents, they do this every day. How my Mum did it with three of us I'll never know.

Better do some housework while she's sleeping. Except there's chocolate in the cupboard and wine in the fridge...

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