Back in town.

We're back from our holiday. I'm browner and a have lost a little bit more of my sanity.

Here is a quick run down of Lil's first trip abroad:

She screamed as we waited to board the plane and then zonked for the entire flight (major relief), teethed like a mother fucker, had screaming fits, wouldn't let herself fall asleep, enjoyed the shade and the cool breeze that came with the glorious hot weather, loved the swimming pool, got a cold, helped herself to some cucumber, decided that she didn't like travelling in the car and screamed herself to sleep, caught the attention of lots of old Spanish ladies, said no a few times, ate some watermelon, got hooked on beer (my grandad's fault - 'it never did you any harm...'), teethed some more, kept me busy rolling around and sitting up unaided, screamed and then bit my finger which is when I realised that the reason she had been a complete cow for a week was because her tooth had cut through.

And then she screamed for a large part of the flight home. I resisted opening the emergency exit and throwing her out.

So now we're home. She really was quite well behaved for most of the time. I'm exhausted.

Never again.

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