SHOPPING: Luxury things for Mumma.

I was in bed last night feeling sorry for myself (I have 'Mumma flu' - well, if men get to have 'Man flu' then I think as a Mum I get a specialist type of flu, too) and uncomfortable in my cheap pyjamas and itchy socks. This just wouldn't do.

As a Mumma, I always put Lil first ('Would she want me to have this bag? It would make me happy which, in turn, would make her happy') and my Husband comes in second (Ah, I'll tell him I found it in the back of the wardrobe and that it's vintage). I very rarely think of myself these days but last night I decided that if I'm going to be selfless and ill, I should do it in style.

So how convenient then that I should stumble upon Charlotte & Co.

Born in 2006 to the co-founder of Myla, Charlotte set up her business selling luxury nightwear and loungewear. Mum + style is her mission and it's safe to say it's been accomplished.

This is what I shall be wearing next time I find myself sick with 'Mumma flu'...

Hottie Wheat Cushion £9

Go take a look at the website here.

So whether you're a Mum or not, everyone deserves to be wrapped up in luxury when they're sick. Go on, it's nearly Christmas...

All images from Charlotte & Co.


  1. ugh i wish i could afford these lovely pyjamas! I'm obsessed with new ones and these look amazing! perhaps father christmas is reading this?

  2. Father Christmas reads everything!