The night

Lil is six months old tomorrow. This is a massive deal to me. Everyday you hear of horror stories about children getting sick or worse, dying, (sorry for being morbid, it wont be for long...) so everyday I'm so grateful to have her in my life. I do what I was told when I was pregnant, cherish every second even when she is being a cow.

I was often told about cot death before I had her so I've been over cautious. She still sleeps in her cot next to me and I won't leave her alone in a room while she's sleeping for anymore than five minutes (I don't care if this is a bit much). I often wake up in the night to check she's still breathing. She is so precious and I cannot even begin to describe a Mother's love for her child. Although it can sometimes be seen as extreme.

The fact that she has reached six months just makes me want to burst. Half way through a year already, she has grown in to such a little character and I'm sure her personality will continue to flourish. She is eating solids now and sitting up (although she's still a bit wobbly) and chats away to herself all the time. Yawn... I know. I'm one of those gushing Mums aren't I? Well I don't care.

I'm so proud of myself for all that I have achieved in the last six months. There have been some very dark times, times when I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse and then they did, moments when I thought my heart would explode... it's been such a roller coaster. But I have a wonderful little girl who I know will grow up to be a fine young woman.

I don't need anything more. I'd go without for the rest of my life now, material things don't mean shit. As long as I have a smile from her every day, I'm happy.

Happy six months baby xo

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  1. Awwww yeh 6 months is a big deal.A massive milestone, well done! Happy 6 months for tomorrow lil x