SHOPPING: Christmas

It wasn't until two nights ago when I was listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album (I'm excited, ok) that I really started thinking about my Christmas shopping list... GROAN.

After last year's shopping disaster, this year I'm buying everyones gifts online. It's easier, quicker, stress free and I can do it while Lil sleeps.

Thank goodness then for The Handpicked Collection, as my theme for everyones present this year is luxury.

I have to share some of the gifts with you...

For my Mother In Law and her partner (snigger) - His Lord & Her Ladyship towels:

For my Mum - this beautiful Green & Spring Relaxing candle and Shower and Bath foam:

For Lil, this amazing 1960's copy Fisher Price Chatter Telephone:

This list goes on!

And if you need help picking your gifts, they have a gift ideas blog. Genius!

For lovely gifts that you will want to keep for yourself, click here.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. yep i plan to do my shopping online too, stickygrams and esty will probably feature heavily in my purchases! went to a shopping centre today and it was MADNESS, i'm stay far far away. and p.s i had that phone and such a great idea!