Sticky fingers.

I am currently planning Lil's naming afternoon tea. It's great to have something to throw myself into as I've been getting a bit jittery lately.

Guest list is written up (I just know I'm going to offend some people, I have a huge family and I don't speak to all of them...), invites are currently being made (I just stuck my fingers together), cake has been ordered and will be made by the marvellous Becky at BeccaBoo Bakery (here), bunting is being made by the gorgeous Kimberlee at Homemade Mamas (here) and the rest is work in progress.

Here is a peek at the invites:

I'm very excited. 

Next on my list is something to wear.

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  1. Ahhhhh this is going to be so good! Well done mummy on putting together what will be a great bash for a lovely little'un x