Week 29

I've had to check at least three times a day this week how many weeks pregnant I am. I guess that's baby brain for you, although I'm not sure it ever went away after having Lil. I have a diary now that I make a point of looking through every morning in case I've forgotten something or if I need to post a birthday card or present (I have bought for all birthdays from now up until October when the baby is due... SKILLZ).

Week 29 hasn't been much different to 28, it's still chocolate and excessive sugar consumption that leaves my chest and throat on fire. I'm still very uncomfortable and the irritability is getting worse (Lil's constant humming and singing and noise making is driving me MAD). The exhaustion I experienced is slowly seeping back in and I've decided now might be a good time to slow down (that includes not touching the ironing pile).

I've been super tearful this week and then wanted to punch someone really hard in the face minutes later, it's great fun being a woman!

bounce bounce

This weeks trip to the midwife saw the baby measuring a week behind (which is perfectly normal) so all my worries about the shitty "you're huge" comments were put to rest and she told me just to ignore the insensitive idiots. I also have an appointment at the VBAC clinic coming up but right at this moment I'm back on the fence. Being pregnant isn't just physically exhausting, you know.

I feel like this baby had a growth spurt in the night, I look bigger today but perhaps she's changed position. I have a perfect comeback to anymore stupid comments I get about my size thanks to a lovely IG friend "well, I have a big vagina so..." that should silence them.

Restless legs are still taking over sleep and I can't get comfortable some nights which has seen me pacing around the room at 2am silently cursing. I have a birth ball now which is providing amusement for Lil, apparently I look like a big blob bouncing around like a grasshopper(?), thanks kid.

This week I've been going backwards and forwards on whether to buy the Cocoonababy or the Sleepyhead, I've heard great things about both but apparently the Cocoonababy is good for reflux and it's bloody sods law this baby will have it. Any help you can provide on this will be appreciated, thanks very much.

What makes me happy right now? Being in a comfy sleep bra and huge granny pants and nothing else, laying in front of the fan and the weekends.

Ten (or so) weeks to go, yo!

Psssst... I'm over at Babeface The Double Mama's blog answering some questions about being a Mum. Her blog is brilliant and has been a great help when thinking about breastfeeding. Read all about it here.


  1. Cocoonababy! We had one from day 3 and just loved it so much. We used it until our daughter was 5 months but honestly if she'd only liked it for a week it would have been worth the money for the extra sleep we got. It's also great when they get a cold as they're at an angle. Great blog!

  2. Sleepyhead vote over here. Both my kids never slept on their back and with the sleepyhead baby Roo was super comfortable on his side and I just had to switch side each feed. He has been in there up to 6 month, then we transitioned him to the travel cot for a few days and then straight to the cot. Moses basket money saved! If you go for the sleepyhead, don't waste your money on a cover. I just used Aiden and Anais swaddling blankets on top of the one cover that comes with it. I still had those muslin blankets from G so those are defo worth the ££