National Doll Day and the mum who knows nothing about dolls.

We were very kindly invited to National Doll Day at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green last weekend from the lovely people at Zapf Creation. Lil has never really been big on dolls except for the one time when she was pretty small and carried a giant one around with her everywhere, kissing it and saying "aahhhhhhhhh" but since being pregnant, she is now super into them (doll AND babies).

After a tour around the museum, looking at all the lovely old toys and amazing dolls houses, she was treated to face painting, doll dress up and lots of lovely paper doll crafts.

According to my four year old, who is now a specialist in which dolls are the coolest (thanks youtube), Baby Born is where it's at so she had lots of fun playing with these dolls that wee and poo. Gross, I thought, but actually it's the norm these days... mum if the baby didn't wee and poo it would get poorly... she has a point! So for an hour and a half she played and crafted and ate and played some more and compiled her Christmas list.

Picking out her favourite mini CHOU CHOU dolls

It was great to see all the new products in the flesh (I cannot bear Toys R Us in the summer holidays... check out the cute new clothing range here) and we were treated to some lovely cupcakes. I am now a little poorer after investing in a highchair and cloth nappies for her new Baby Born who she has named Thomas James but seeing her be so gentle with the doll makes me happy and confident she is going to be the best big sister ever.

If you haven't been to the Museum of Childhood yet, it's definitely worth a trip. And if your little one is a doll lover then check out the new range at Zapf Creation and follow them on Facebook for exclusive news and competitions.

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