Go Outside The Lines

I've always been one of these mums who stands over their kid when they do crafts, trying to hold back from directing them. Lil comes from two creatives and we've always encouraged her to be as creative as she likes but you know sometimes you think "ah it would look even better if you did that!" but you stop yourself because you want to encourage them not dictate. Anyway, I'm getting better at this. Her dad, not so much.

We're lucky enough to know a lot of creative people (naturally, being from that industry) and when one of my husbands friends and his wife launched their new brand Go Outside The Lines, they were kind enough to send us a print for Lil to have fun with.

I let her loose with the colouring pens and let her do her thing and now have this brilliant piece of artwork hanging in our main living space for everyone to see. I've always made a point of showing off her creations *proud mum face*.

excuse the reflections, the sun is shining unfortunately

GOTL is the creator of prints for kids (and parents) to colour, decorate, paint, be creative with which can then be framed and hung. It's a simple yet very cool idea and the prints are just perfect to send as gifts. I'll be stocking up as Christmas gets closer and encouraging(!) Lil to be as crazy as she likes so we can frame them as Christmas presents for family.

There is a large range of prints to shop from but our faves are 'WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS' (naturally) and 'KEEP IT FOOLISH'. You can shop the collection here. You can also find them on Instagram @gooutsidethelines. Get your pens ready kids!

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