Week 19

This week has been a bit of a shit show. The nausea is back, as are the headaches and erratic mood swings and my sinuses have been fizzing like crazy. If there are three things that are constant at the moment it's the need to pee ALWAYS, sheer exhaustion and all day long hunger. Perhaps I can blame Mercury retrograding for the u-turn...

The baby is very active for large parts of the day (and night) most of the time although there was one day that I didn't feel much movement and panicked. The next day was back to normal though, kicking and walloping inside.

My skin has also taken a u-turn and resembles a lovely shade of grey right now. Told you... utter shit show. I've cried lots this week about not a lot and haven't wanted to do much or even talk to anyone, which is hard when your phone won't stop going off and people are asking to pop in every day. Is it time for holiday yet?

Still struggling with maternity wear and have resorted to buying normal dresses in the next size up.

My boobs are just ridiculous now, I've gone up three cup sizes in almost 20 weeks! My vagina still feels like it wants to up and leave (and I don't blame it) and I'm putting that down to the return of SPD... woo! God this is just one long moan isn't it?

Ok, there must be some positives...


Lil likes to rest her hand on my stomach when she's watching TV which makes my heart want to explode. Shopping! Baby shopping is fun, although I haven't bought much yet. I have another scan in just over a week which I'm excited for. And I've finally sorted my shit out and have booked my theory test and assessment lesson ready for an intense driving course. Oh Lord.

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