Pregnant shopping: week 15

After 7 or so weeks of awful nausea and annoying pregnancy skin, I thought it was about time I treated myself for getting through it. Perhaps not a valid reason for splashing out, it's not as if no-one has ever been pregnant before, but whatever.

Here is what I've been buying:

Recommended by A Model Recommends, I've been using it twice daily and have noticed the difference in the texture of my skin after just a week. I've always had very sensitive skin that's recently turned angry and this has done just the trick for calming it down. Buy it here. I've also just started using the lip balm as my new hobby is biting my lips and it's ridiculous how good it is at fixing shit, sore ones. 

I also bought Benefit's Gimme Brow Gel, again recommended by Ruth of A Model Recommends. Let's just assume that any new face products I buy have been recommended by her, ok? Because I'm now a religious reader of her blog and have spent a small fortune on make up and skincare she's raved about in her videos. I'm growing my brows, in fact I haven't had them threaded since I found out I was pregnant because the thought makes me want to vom. Gimme Brow tames them and gives them a hint of colour and it's tons better than the scouse brows my old product gave me before. Great for natural looking eyebrows.

I've been searching for the perfect Summer bag for a while (no sign of warmer weather though) and found these and instantly fell in love. They're from California and are only stocked in the UK by the lovely people at Edit 58, whose website doesn't seem to have launched yet. But you can contact them over on their Instagram page as well as find tons of other lovely pom pom things and it's such a beautiful account to follow. You're welcome.

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