Week 18

I skipped last week because there wasn't much to write. I've been feeling ok and we went for a private scan to check the baby was too, everything is as it should be.

The past week I've been wondering if my uterus is about to drop out and my vagina fall off, the pressure in that area has been insane. It's the weirdest feeling in the world and it's so hard to describe but I've been told by Clemmie that it won't fall out / off. Phew. My boobs really cannot grow any bigger, Lil has established they're bigger than her head and I swear they're the main reason I'm gaining weight! BACKACHE. I've achey legs and an achey back and front and those have been helped by some pregnancy rubs from my sister (she's a sports therapist).

I'm super tired again and by 6pm I'm ready for bed. I'm no longer weeing eight times a night now, the baby seems to have moved up a bit. I did break the toilet seat this week though... oops!

My birth clinic appointment was interesting. I walked in adamant that I wanted an elective c-section (I've been speaking to lots of mamas about elective sections and VBAC's for their second births) and had my argument prepared but was stumped when she told me why I'd had an emergency CS... Lil was back to back (explains the mental pain) and then turned half way and decided to lift her head and poke her chin out. There was no way she was coming out in that position. There's no reason, medically, why I can't have a natural birth. We'd been told that it probably wasn't going to be possible to have a natural birth again, about 12 hours after having Lil, so I had prepared myself for that conversation. After lots of talking and reading, I've decided that at this point in time I'd like to try for a VBAC and know that with the support of The Calm Birth School and my lovely midwives I will be able to achieve it. Providing this one doesn't get up to mischief...

This week I'm feeling a lot calmer and a few people have commented on how peaceful I seem, as though I'm a raving nut job any other time (if the shoe fits I guess). I certainly feel a lot less anxious now I'm further into this pregnancy and perhaps it's because I'm older than I was when I had Lil (obviously) but I just feel so comfortable in my body and at ease with pregnancy (long may it last).

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