Week 15

How am I at week 15 already?! I'm not moaning, I'm glad the first trimester is long gone, I just can't believe how fast time is going (although I would last to fast forward to my 20 week scan because ANXIETY).

This week I've felt super tired but I read somewhere that it's time for a growth spurt, not sure how true that is but the way I'm feeling it makes sense (slightly anaemic too so that can't help with the exhaustion). I've felt movements this week which shocked me, I knew it came earlier after your first but it freaked me out a bit, as lovely as it is.

The garlic sauce cravings are no longer and I'm quite relieved. This week sees my husband running around all over the shop trying to find me can of Lilt. Not bottles, CANS. I want carbs all the time now: mashed potato, jacket potato, new potatoes covered in butter... this is all contributing to my width which will soon resemble Kim K when she was pregnant (not slagging her off, just noting how wide I'm getting).

I'm aching something crazy, all my bones start to hurt towards the end of the day and I would kill for a full body massage every night. I'm sticking to hot baths for now until my sports therapist sister moves back home in four weeks, then I shall be taking full advantage of her massage table (sounds a bit wrong really). Unfortunately (or fortunately) for the next week we are back in Derbyshire in a lovely cottage that has no bath. I mean, who doesn't put a bath in a holiday let in the middle of one of the best places for hiking? (make no mistake, I will be going on zero hikes... more gentle strolls... to the pub across the road with the amazing roaring fire and ridiculous menu that sells CAN OF LILT - yes!) Hot showers it is for the next few days. Hot showers and lots of yummy food that will see me gain lbs like cray.

My skin is slightly better but I'm putting that down to the lack of garlic sauce and the strict twice daily regime I have for my face which includes cleansing like a mother. I'm also not wearing make up every day and watching skincare videos religiously. But like I keep getting told, if it is hormonal skin, there isn't much I can do about it.

I've also started on The Calm Birth School hypnobirthing course which is fantastic and I highly recommend it for expectant mothers, Hollie and Suzy are great and it helps you throughout your pregnancy, not just for when you're in labour.

No bump picture this week, forgot and now I'm in my pyjamas in front of the fire and I am NOT moving until it's time for bed (in approximately five minutes... yawn).

Happy long weekend!

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