Week 16

We've been away this week and it's been lovely. I've felt calm (although I wish I'd stayed off the internet, ugh - people) and have had lots of fresh air and sleep. Sad to be coming home but OH MY GOD I NEED A LONG, HOT SOAK.

Other than an awful three day headache (cue a frantic call to my midwife), there isn't much to report... no, wait...there is. I've been thinking lots about my birth clinic appointment this week and things I want to ask the midwife and feel nervous as to what she'll say when we go back over my notes from Lil's birth. I'm actually shitting it.

No cravings, still not a fan of chocolate and still drinking Lilt (they sell it everywhere IN CANS in Derbyshire, can this place get any more perfect?).

I've had an awful sinus infection which is still lingering but I no longer want to rip my face off. I've been weeing up to 8 times in the night which is contributing to my eyebags but...

My skin is tons better, tons. My hair is all shiny and I haven't needed to straighten it. Could this be the start of the pregnancy glow? COULD IT?!

You see that hair? It's NEVER done that naturally

I've been stupidly anxious, worrying about stupid shit and wishing it was time for the next scan just so I know everything is ok. It's so hard when you've had a problem with a pregnancy in the past not to automatically assume this one isn't going to go the same way. Hurry up week 20! I want to see this wriggling babe!

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