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It's hard to concentrate on the positives when the negatives often tend to take over your life. Sickness bugs, family dramas, a marriage that is on its last legs... But when you stop and really think of all the good times you've experienced over a year, the laughter and smiles, the memories, it's easy to see that the year has been great.

Chilling in Central Park

Dark moments and difficult times aside, I have had a great year. Lil turned one, she took her first trip to my favourite place in the world, New York, we holidayed in Ibiza and danced on the beach, we made new friends and reconnected with old ones, we spent time with family and made lovely memories, I enrolled to start studying at The Open University, Lil started nursery (traumatic for me), I partied hard, we raised over £500 for charity...

Partying as the sun sets

My hopes for the new year are similar to those from last year; to try and be more positive, don't sweat the small stuff, just say yes, be more spontaneous, drink less alcohol, exercise more. With a new year brings new challenges and I'm sure it'll be a hard one (when isn't it?!) but I'm going to smile through it and remember that not only do I have the most wonderful daughter, I have a wonderful family and some amazing friends too, as well as you beautiful lot.

Just bouncing around

Happy New Year, may yours be wonderful and full of happiness and laughter.

P.S As of tomorrow I'm off the booze, if you'd like to sponsor me you can do so here.

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