I've made it no secret I like a drink. I come from a family of people who like a drink too although I'm not sure that is a positive thing (I am not an alcoholic). But anyway, I digress.

I usually drink when I've had a bad day, when Lil has tested my patience or pushed all the buttons I don't like her to push, it relaxes me. I drink when I socialise too, but this has become less frequent since becoming a mother. Mainly because I really let go, like really, to the point where I stop being able to see. So those nights don't happen often.

January is a month for new beginnings, for diets and detoxes, new promises and fresh hopes. As I've got older, I stopped making New Years resolutions because by day three I'd break them. What I do want to do in the new year is cut down on how much I drink. 2013 is going to be the year I get my arse in to gear and start looking after myself. So as of January 1st, I'm cutting out alcohol for one whole month. And what better way to ensure I stick to this than by signing up to do it for charity.

I know a few (alright, a lot) of you have just spat out your coffee. As if she could go booze free for thirty one days... Well guess what, I can. And you can support me by donating here. 

Cancer is a massive bastard. I've lost people I love to this disease but I also love people who have fought it and won. I have friends who have lost those they love too and if you haven't been affected by cancer, I'm pretty sure you know someone who has.

So for one whole month, I'm laying off the Shiraz. No Champagne Thursdays. No quick swigs from the bottle at 3pm when Lil refuses to nap (I'M JOKING). I'll be swapping wine for water (dull) in the name of Cancer Research UK.

If I do this (and I will), I've worked out I can save over 5000 calories. Bitch gonna be skinny by February.

So say 'fuck you' to cancer and support me. Because I'm going to bloody well need it...

You can sign up to join me and be a part of the Dryathlon here.


  1. "No quick swigs from the bottle at 3pm when Lil refuses to nap (I'M JOKING)."

    That line alone deserves a donation if you ask me! Thanks for the chuckle. It may have to wait until pay day though because I'm am super-sonic-skinto at the moment. Will totes sponsor you though chica. Well done for raising money for an awesome cause.


  2. Good luck with this -hope you find it easier than you think!