Hello there...

Well, I'm back. One week in to being a mother. Jesus has it been one very long and hard week.
Let's rewind shall we...
The last time I wrote to you all I was moaning about the lack of Coco Pops and waiting to be told my waters were going to be broken. That didn't go according to plan. At 2cm dilated STILL, I had to have another shot of gel, my final shot before we moved onto Plan B. Super majorly pissed off at this point.
Fast forward a few hours and praise the lord, the contractions had started. Wednesday was going to be the day I got this little madam out.
7pm and I was in agony. I'd survived a few hours on Codeine (that and the fact my pain threshold is pretty bloody high) but now was the time to move on to Pethadine. Before I was allowed more drugs, the midwife had to check if it was possible to get me onto the labour ward. Thirty seconds later, her head popped around the curtain and told me they were going to break my waters.
My mum nearly fell over.
8pm and my waters were broken (for those interested, I was mostly baby). Time for Pethadine (which didn't work) followed by a request for an epidural. The contractions were quick and very painful, surely this wasn't going to last any longer than a few hours? WRONG.
In a beautiful, blissful, fuzzy haze I dosed in and out of consciousness, catching snippets of conversation between mother, husband, midwife. Midnight came and went, I pressed the button for more shots of epidural and continued my journey through the forest that housed pink unicorns and oompa loompas. If you ever have the opportunity to experience an epidural, DO IT. Best feeling of my life (I tried gas and air, freaked me out). In between sleep and talking to yellow monkeys that were dancing around the room, the doctor came in and told me I needed injections to slow my contractions down as the baby's heart rate was very fast. More drugs, extra shots of epidural, lots of swimming around the room...
3am 'we're concerned about the baby's heart rate, it appears she's stuck too. You're 6cm dilated. The only option is a c-section...' Gasps of horror from Mother, tears from husband, a shrug of the shoulders from me. Let's do this...
4:12am on Thursday and I hear a shrill scream. It was all over so quickly. I dozed in and out of consciousness throughout the whole thing. I remember snippets of conversation I had with the husband and noticing the doctor was on his laptop. It was the weirdest experience of my life.
So just like that it was all over. I now had this tiny helpless little thing to look after.
That is my birth story. Nothing exciting. Although everyday something comes back to me, something


  1. Awww wow, you've written this beautifully. I also had to have EMCS with both my babies.
    It's a very strange experience isn't it, worth every second when you have your little one in arms though :)

  2. aww the gas and air sent me a bit loopy, i kept demanding my hubby sing me a song about a green tractor!! x