Well I got some sleep. The baby woke me up. The one in the bed opposite. Not mine. No, mines being a little bitch and won't come out.

I'm a bit of a mess this morning, part screwing because I'll have to listen to someone else's baby scream all day, upset I'm still carrying this lump, in pain with SPD, nervous because they seem to think my waters will be broken today although that's not 100 per cent going to happen, worried that it might not happen and I'll have to spend yet another day walking up and down the corridor to get things moving, pissed off they haven't got Coco Pops, tired, bored and in a general grump.

About to throw a) a massive tantrum b) this crappy orange juice at the midwifes head and c) myself out of a window.

Seriously, fuck my life.
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