Well I'm in hospital having been induced. It all happened rather quickly. Was sitting in the waiting room expecting to be told no room at the inn when the midwife popped her head around the door and said come back at four for an induction.
So here I am, laying in the bed in agony. AGONY. My contractions are regular and close together and I've only just had some pain relief - Codeine. I'm very brave, they hurt lots and are bloody strong.
There is a woman on this ward with a bad case of the burps. I mean BAD. It's disgusting. She's like a man and doesn't say pardon after every burp which is just rude.
Husband and Mother have just left to go and get some rest. Alright for some. If the Codeine doesn't work I can go straight to Pethadine. As my cervix is still closed they don't class that as 'in labour' but things could progress quickly. That gel is fast working.
I'm going to wait for the Codeine to kick in and try and get some rest. I'll update when I can but fingers crossed my next post will be tomorrow lunchtime saying she's out...

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  1. Poor, poor you! I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like... I hope that you'll have some progress soon!