After an hour on the monitor today to check the baby was ok the midwife told me that she is still very small and she wasn't happy about it (she'd measured with her tape measure again). She had to consult a doctor.

Three hours of worrying later, the conclusion: the bump measures 33cm and should measure around 40, heartbeat is strong but she hasn't grown for a while. It is not acceptable that yesterday I was booked in for an induction THIRTEEN days after my due date. Because of her reduced movement I have to go back tomorrow to be monitored at 9AM - ON A SATURDAY. They will then decide which day to induce me...Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday NOT Friday. So this time next week with any luck I should have my body back.

So that's what I did today.

Oh. And the elephant foot has increased in size so it's leggings and flip flops for me (VOM).

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