Mother / daughter love and hate.

I won't bore you with our love/hate relationship. If you have a daughter (or just a child for that matter) you'll know how it goes. You'll also know if you are a daughter yourself.

Peace Mum. Yes please, Lil.

Things have been pretty tough round here lately, my anxiety has reached a whole new level (I actually thought I was dying the other day and begged my husband to call an ambulance) and Lil has taken the form of the devil (she out tantrums any tantrum I have ever seen). She reminds me of my teenage self and at not even three this spells trouble. Big trouble. She slams doors, gobs off (SORRY FOR NOTHING MUMMY) and screams and hollers. She hates me sometimes but she still creeps into my bed in the middle of the night wanting cuddles.

But all the tears and drama aside, she still makes my heart burst with pride with her one liners and witty little Lilisms. This afternoon I grinned from ear to ear when a friend commented on how much she is like me with her wit. She came running into the kitchen calling 'froggy froggy where are you? Oh there you are froggy!' Do I look like a frog, Lil? 'You do sometimes Mum'.

She tells me her Dad winds her up, she thinks the dog is an idiot and that the cat who lives a few doors down is a stinky old poohead. These kids...

This one drives me crazy. So ridiculously, infuriatingly crazy. She makes me want to poke my eyes out and punch myself in the ovaries for even considering having a child. But she also brightens up my life on days when I'd rather crawl into a hole (sometimes she's the causer of those days... what a headfuck).

Lilian, you're a little div. But you're my amazing little div.


  1. Love this so much. She's beautiful and she sounds bloody hilarious! Motherhood is a crazy place - I had no idea it was possible to love and be frustrated to such extremes. Its reasurring to know other people feel just as overwhelmed by the crazy highs and lows. Really hope the anxiety calms Xx

  2. This is why I read your blog, to know am not the only one going through what the 'little angels' put us through!!