Monster Painting.

I'm not claiming to be a craft queen because let's face it, I'm not. The sewing machine that my husband bought me two years ago still hasn't been used and the craft cupboard is an absolute shit tip. The thought of play doh colours getting mixed sends my blood cold and Lil mixing paint colours frustrates me (although I am getting better at getting over myself, I promise - proof to follow).

I need to spend more time with her getting crafty because she's very creative and much like her father, if her creativity is stifled she goes a bit crazy. So I dug this book out that was in her Christmas haul and got some inspiration.

Here is the result:

All you need is some paint, a black pen and some googly eyes that you can buy in Wilkinsons for ridiculous money (I'm sure they sell them in your local 99p store too).

Let your child loose with their fingers and the paints and once the picture is dry, let them stick the eyes on and draw the faces (I did the faces because although I'm not as anal as I once was, I still have some mum art standards, or whatever they're called - I can't bear for her art to go to waste, basically, so I often intervene).

And there you have it. Cool art to hang in that gallery of kid artwork you said you'd never have once you found out you were pregnant.

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