Animal storage jars.

I came across this craft when scrolling through the Monday Makery section at Sisters Guild. We have a lot of craft...bits and they're all chucked in a drawer in the cupboard under the stairs so this is a nice way to organise them and put them on an empty shelf of the book case. I'm all for pops of colour and this is one of the loveliest small storage crafts I've seen. Not that I'm good at or remotely interested in most crafts but this one was easy.

It's pretty self explanatory but head on over to Sisters Guild to take a look. Here is my effort...

Just a few DON'TS before you go and raid your fridge or cupboards for half empty jars:

1. Be careful with the super glue. This may be an obvious one but even the carefullest of people (me) can glue their fingers together. After finishing this craft I'd glued my fingers together three times and glued my finger to the tube of superglue tube twice.
2. Don't buy the animals from the Early Learning Centre unless you want to pay over the odds. I got ours from Wilko's (£1 each) and our local chazza shop. I was tempted to use the ones we already had but didn't care for the consequences.
3. Don't let on to your kid what you are up to because they'll want to help. This isn't a craft for kids. Unless you want to fill their lungs with spray paint fumes (it did cross my mind, she might have napped then... I'M JOKING).

Happy crafting!


  1. These look so sick, I want some!! xxx

  2. Love this idea. And love your don'ts too!

  3. I HATE crafting!!!! but I LOVE these...might have to give it a try one year as I am sick of our ridiculous 'craft area' - stuff it in and hope it shuts. This would look way cooler. I might have to do a more '7-year-old' version though with things like Zelfs on them...;) xx