As I sit here at the kitchen table, coughing and sneezing (THANKS LIL), I feel anxious. Lil is drawing a picture and feels the needs to colour over the stickers she just stuck down... 'Lil NO NOT ON THE STICKERS'. I get a dirty look. A similar scenario to when she mixes the Play Doh colours up. I mean, that shit just isn't on. And then at the weekend, she got covered in paint. As I watched in horror, her Dad shouted across 'It WILL wash out, don't worry'. It did wash out.

I guess I'm trying to give you examples of how... highly strung I am? How I can't just let her get messy and fuck the Play Doh colours up. It hurts my brain. And I'm sure I'm not the only parent who's like this. DON'T JUMP IN THE PUDDLE, GET AWAY FROM THE MUD, DON'T TOUCH THE ANTS.

God. I'm sick of it. It's exhausting. My Mum never gave a shit if I got paint down me, so why am I so bothered? I need to chill out. So I've decided that from today, she can get as messy as she likes. I'm over stressing about stupid kid things, she's exactly that... a kid. Kids get messy and find it satisfying to mix colours and get mud all down them. You only live once, so I'm going to join in and get messy too.

Here's to mess, ants, mud and letting her be free to express herself...


  1. I was a lot like that, with my first after the second I was just too tired to give a shit!
    Hope you enjoy the messy stuff.

  2. i love it when my bois come in covered in mud, it's a sign of a good day! go with it, we've all got enough shit to worry about...embrace the messyness!!

  3. I could have written this post, although the hubby is much the same, mine stems from a mother who never let us do anything, I hate that I am similar, I try desperately, occasionally I succeed. Good for you x

  4. I struggle with this every day! Usually the mess wins, but not necessarily because I've said it can...
    I also hate it when I hear my words come from their mouths, e.g. 'Oh no, oh no, it's gone on the carpet, quick get a cloth' etc