Filling in the spaces.

My stay in teething hell has meant I haven't had the energy to write about shit. Not actual shit, stuff we've been up to. So I thought I'd fill in the spaces with pictures.

Spiky penis plant - gardening is the new black

Stylin' her WMM dunga's

I'm the mother at making Mojito's

Early morning sunshine has meant we get our shit together and are out the house by nine thirty. Go us.

Mother / daughter coffee date

Playing outdoors - this one is definitely an outdoor baby

MM Post

MM Swag - It isn't as bad as you think. Except for when they throw a tantrum and then throw up.

Skateboard painting with the amazing Indikidual

Cooking is like therapy for me - Sweet potato, red lentil and spinach dahl

A rare picture of Lil's parents

A spontaneous dinner opposite Canary Wharf