Ever since Lil grew into this little person with opinions (and boy does she have a few), I've felt unsettled. And one day, I put my finger on why... I didn't want to live here anymore (here being a town in NW Kent), I wanted a better life for my family and that meant moving to a different area. Derbyshire was my dream, a little house in a remote part of the Peak District with chickens in the garden and sheep for neighbours. Space for my little outdoor baby to enjoy. Fresh air and friendly folk. it's what we needed as a family. To flourish. We talked about it for two years and then finally it looked like we were going to do it. And then I freaked out.

So we had a rethink. And I cried and screamed and cursed. And that was when Plan B was born. 

Being four hours away from my family wasn't ideal. But being 45 minutes away? That could work. So one morning not that long ago, we saw a house. A wonderful house that I instantly fell in love with so we went to have a look at it. It was a 5 minute walk to the sea, close to the station and some lovely parks in a little town full of independent butchers and bakers and green grocers. Cool little coffee shops, great schools, nice people.   After hurried chats and some negotiating... It was ours!

So, you see, we're moving forward and moving home. Our lifestyle will change, hopefully life will be simpler and quieter and full to the brim with positivity. We'll eat vegetables from the local green grocer and meat from the butchers around the corner. Sunday coffee won't come from Starbucks but from an independent coffee shop and we'll spend as much time as we can outdoors. 

And that (amongst a few other reasons) is why I've been quiet. It isn't until you move home that you realise just how much crap you have and I don't want my life full of crap so we are having a mental clear out and spending most of our time on eBay. Or cleaning. Or getting excited for raves on the beach if Summer ever arrives. So we move in almost three weeks and we're still surrounded by crap! Uh oh.

See you on the other side!

Don't forget, you can sponsor Lil for her Big Toddle for Barnardo's here. 


  1. Moving sucks, but moving somewhere as nice as that sounds worth the hassle.

  2. I love throwing things away, it always feels regenerating for the house and brain. enjoy and well done on moving on x

  3. How exciting for you! Good luck with your move, hope it's fantastic and you all love your new home.

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  4. That sounds really really lovely. I'm so tired of London these days (does it mean I'm tired from life as the saying goes? :| ) but unfortunately our jobs are here so moving further doesn't make sense :(