Sickness and studying.

Since Lil started nursery in December, she has only come home twice and not been sick in the days that follow. That's a lot of sickness and a lot of money spent on fees. Like Drea, I'm unsure on what to do. The day that she goes to nursery is a day when I can get lots done, especially now I'm studying. One whole day means a gym class and a whole assignment written and that's a lot of work achieved in eight hours.

From what I can gather, she enjoys nursery and it's great that she can socialise with other children but when she comes home with a cold or a cough, it often means that within a few days I wake up sick too. The sleepless nights that go hand in hand with sickness are excruciating. My brain fails to work which means even when she's napping (which is hardly ever now, she's naturally dropped her afternoon nap) I find it hard to study. And to be honest, I look forward to Wednesdays for the peace. It's just what happens in the days following that fill me with dread.

Sick day

Lots of Mums have said that after six months or so at nursery their immune system is stronger from all these bugs that are picked up. But I don't have the time or the energy (or even the patience) to deal with this week in, week out. If I'd have known this was going to be the case then I wouldn't have started this degree. So what do I do?

I have lots of ideas and plans floating around in my caffeine and tylenol fuelled brain, I need to focus and work out how I'm going to find time to study with her at home. I have to get organised and write a timetable. Ugh timetables, my worst nightmare. But we're gonna need some structure if this is going to work. I feel sad because her nursery is so lovely but it just isn't working out right now. Ah it's never simple is it?

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  1. Interesting one and something that bothered me with my little man before he started. I put off nursery until he was three but even though he didn't go to nursery he still picked loads up from 2 - 3 yrs. was really odd it was like he hit two and suddenly caught everything (those teeth didn't help as made him so run down!!). He did mix with other kids though so guess that would be where he picked it up from. He goes now and have to say we still catch everything but he is better able to deal with it than he was at 2 yrs if that makes sense. I too pick everything up from him but no where near as bad as when he was 2! There is hope xx