Mothers Day, Yo.

Mother's Day is just around the corner (March 10th if you didn't already have it circled) so I thought I'd share some interesting statistics with you.

My first Mothers day was pretty uneventful and I must admit I spent the majority of the day sulking as my husband favoured his own mother over the mother of his child. Tut tut. This year, however, we'll be in New York so I'm quite sure it'll be tons better. And we'll be taking a whole load of photos seeings as last year all I got was one picture on my iphone and it would seem I'm not alone... Almost three out of four of us Mums make a point of taking photos of ourselves with our children on Mothering Sunday, while more than one in five wish that they took family pictures at this time each year, according to a survey run by 23snaps.

Forward facing all day long.

To me, Mothers day is even more special now I'm a Mum. Lots of people see it as a way for companies to make money, like Valentines Day, but I feel as though this day should be celebrated because so many Mother's work super hard all year and rarely get the thanks they deserve. So although I'm totally biased, I'm down for it one million percent.

I hate the 80's: me and my Mama

Us Mums don't require anything fancy, it's the thought that counts (are you reading this, Dads?). 77% of us would choose a day our with the family over expensive gifts and 11% of mothers would simply prefer to be pampered at home with breakfast in bed. Both sound pretty good to me! 8% said that their ideal Mothering Sunday would involve their baby daddy, or the grandparents, taking the monsters so they could have a day to themselves and 3% said they’d prefer nothing special, and they treat Mothering Sunday the same as any other day.

Whatever you get up to this Mothers Day, be sure to capture it on camera.

23snaps is a photo sharing app for parents, designed by parents. It's a great (and safe) way to record photos and videos and share them with your loved ones.

This is not a sponsored post. We use 23snaps and absolutely love it. Go find out more about the app here.

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  1. If my Mum looked like yours id buy her presents everyday. FIT!!

    Happy Mothers day in advance Charlotte!