NG Kids - learning and fun.

Who knew there was a cool magazine out for kids such as the National Geographic Kids mag?! When I found out about this, I squealed with glee. FINALLY something I could buy for Lil that wasn't plastered with CBeebies characters. Ugh. We could subscribe and I could palm it off as something just for her when really I was totally getting it for both of us.

NG Kids recently ran a photography contest for it's readers and out of the four categories, three of these were won by children from the UK. Pretty amazing huh?! Especially when thousands of kids entered, it would seem we're bringing up some budding superstar photographers.

'Sunset Staircase' by Ursula Baynes, 13, of Romsey, Hampshire - winner of scenery category

‘The Terrifying Mantas’ by Calum Holker, 11, of Richmond - winner of the humour category.

Said Jenni Gaskin, features writer at NG Kids Magazine: “Our readers had a real challenge on their hands because to even get to the international competition they first had to beat more than 2000 UK entries judged by singer Ronan Parke, former Newsround presenter Sonali Shah and renowned National Geographic photographer Reza.” 

The star prize of a trip to Washington D.C and a tour of National Geographic's headquarters was awarded to Isabella Barbaro from London who is just 11. This little lady has one hell of a career ahead of her, just look at her work...

'Dancing In Water' - Isabella Barbaro.

NG Kids magazine includes interactive articles on nature and the environment, science, space and world cultures as well as quizzes and puzzles, things to make and do.

Very kindly, National Geographic Kids is offering IOSWYT readers a discount on their subscription. Just subscribe here and get 35% off. Offer valid until March 1.


This is not a sponsored post. Lil and I love reading and learning and we'll be subscribing for lots of learning fun.


  1. wow, this sounds great! thanks for discovering it

  2. My sis just got my 3 year-old a subscription to this for her b'day, love it