Every day Lil wants to 'dor' (draw). She's very arty and has been ever since I bought her her first box of crayons when she was nine months old. She can sit for a good twenty minutes and scribble away. We get through quite a bit of paper and I feel bad throwing her pictures away, they are pretty good. For scribbles.

So after the huge wad of pictures stuck to the fridge started to fall down, I decided I'd turn the dining room in to a mini art gallery of some of her best pictures. The rest would go in to a giant scrap book, or twelve...

Here is the result:

I think it looks pretty cool. And you never know....we may have the next Dali in the making.


  1. That's a shit hot idea, I might just have to yoink it one day when Pip starts with the scribbles.

    Right now though the best things my girl can create are mental arsed farts.

    You can't frame those.

    1. Hahahahaha! If you could frame farts then Lil would have a shit load everywhere! xxx