National Trust: Cool? YES.

A few months ago we joined the National Trust. Don't laugh.

Because that's what people have been doing when we tell them we're members. So not cool. Well actually, it is cool.

For a start the properties and estates are steeped in history. And history is cool. It has shaped everything that surrounds you right now. Each and every one is beautiful (we haven't been to all of them yet, a year is not enough time...) and beauty is cool innit. There is so much to do, whichever site you visit. Indoors, outdoors. Lil loves it. It's great for kids, oh yah, totally baby/toddler/child friendly.

My favouritest most beautiful place in the whole wide world is the White Peak in the Peak District. The most tranquil place I've ever visited (and it's part of the National Trust). My first trip there was at 14 on a Geography school trip and I've been going back pretty much every year since I was 18.

The National Trust protects houses, gardens, coastlines, forests, farmlands, beaches, villages.... the list is endless. They protect them and then they open them up. Forever. For everyone.

Chirk Castle, Wales

You can even stay in a NT property; a b&b or historic house hotel, or even take a working holiday.

Interested in signing up?

If you still don't think it's 'cool', go take a look at their website. They have a shop too (I bought a beautiful recycled wool blanket from them, best £12 I ever spent).

I really cannot recommend joining enough. It's a great idea for a present too. Something to do if it's raining and something to do if it isn't. Lots of events every weekend (and during the week), a lot to do if you're a toddler...all that open space.

Waddaya reckon? I think it's pretty damn cool.

This isn't a sponsored post. I already think it's cool.


  1. I love your national trust posts. Totally cool.

    You are making me want to sign up, and I reckon it would be an easy sell to Sam, who is essentially becoming his dad and this is one step closer to that goal.

  2. I love national trust! I spent so much of my childhood in sites all over the uk, and hope theo will too! Robs parents have a lifetime membership, which hopefully we can use, if not we'll definitely be purchasing membership of our own. And who cares if it's not cool (I think it is pretty cool) we'll all just have to be uncool together!

  3. We signed up a couple of weeks ago, and i am totally cool, so yeah, that proves it ;) ha!

    You are so right, we love going to the places around us & the fact that it's a National thing means you always have a day out wherever you are! Perfect. My 3 kiddos have loved all the places we've gone to so far - i actually blogged about one near us on Sunday. Great minds...!