Sorry, I know it's Monday morning and it probably isn't appropriate to be talking about knickers this early. BUT TOUGH.

I have a love/hate relationship with pants.

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I thought was YES I can now wear granny pants for at least nine months and get away with it (I actually still wear them on occasion - don't judge). Granny pants are comfortable aren't they. They are your friend, they make you feel like you can just be yourself. They certainly don't judge you. My M&S granny pants are just marvellous.

I despise thongs, I cannot and will not wear them. Instead I opt for 'no VPL' lace pants from, you guessed it, M&S. Not quite as comfortable as granny pants but a lot sexier and discreet. And that's probably about as sexy as it gets, although sometimes I'll put on what I call my 'I'm a MILF and Harry Styles would totally go for me' underwear. But that isn't often.

Anyway, I digress. (It's certainly too early to be thinking about Harry Styles. Or is it? No, it isn't.)


I was sent a pair of knickers to review from Charlotte & Co. Not odd in the slightest as knickers are an extremely important part of our wardrobe. As a mother, I want my clothes to be comfortable and I want my underwear to be comfortable. But that doesn't mean I want to 'look comfortable'. No. I want to look as though, even though I'm no longer a pert 21 year old... I've still got it. 

Here are the knickers

Nothing special, right? WRONG. Foundation silk knickers in pure silk jersey. The most comfortable pair of pants I have ever slipped my butt into. So thin I kept thinking I'd done a Britney and forgot to put any on. 

But seriously, they are super comfortable and you couldn't see any VPL through my skinnies. I also tried on a sheer-ish ivory dress whilst wearing these and....nothing. Perfect. Now I know why they're one of Charlotte & Co's best sellers (you can buy slips and camisoles to match too).

Are they so good that I want to throw my granny pants away? Seriously? Yes. They fit like a glove (or maybe not a glove...). I'm a convert.

I reviewed these Foundation Silk Knickers for Charlotte & Co. All opinions above are honest and my own.


  1. so pleased you like them! they are just a bit of everyday gorgeousness, aren't they? I hope this glam alternative will keep you out of your m&s granny knickers xx

  2. Just what I've been looking for! Something glam but comfy, as opposed to baggy, saggy and granny-style. xx