Pancake Day in March? Flippin' hell.

I had a heated conversation with my Nan the other day. I mentioned Pancake Day to her to which she replied 'oh bugger we've missed it'. No Nan, I said, it's in March. But she wasn't having any of it. She ranted on at me for a good ten minutes telling me I was wrong. Well she should know better...

Anyway... we were kindly sent a game to try out from the fabulous people at Learning Resources. Lil was so excited to find out what was in the box that had been delivered that she actually had a meltdown. I went and hid in the kitchen until she'd composed herself and then we continued to find out what was inside.

The Pancake Pile-Up Matching Relay Activity Set is for ages 4-8 but it's great for 3 year olds too. We've played it every day for the last 5 days and it's really helped Lil with her balancing.

How to play:
Separate into two relay teams.
Turn over an order card to reveal a pile of pancakes.
The first player in each team select the first pancake on the card and race to place it on their plates.
A relay continues until the whole pile is in place and matches that on the card.
Pancakes can only be carried using the plastic spatulas.

So serious.

Obviously there was a little bit of cheating going on (Lil) but we had so much fun racing to see who could do it the quickest (not pictured - I have no idea how to set the timer on my camera). It's also great for playing 'What pancakes would you like today Mummy' (this morning I had blueberry and strawberry) and great for developing recognition skills.

This game gets a huge thumbs up from us and remember, pancake games are for life not just for pancake day, yo.

Buy it here.

Thanks to Learning Resources for sending this to us to review. All opinions are my own (and Lil's) and honest.

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