Fashun dahling.

Buying clothes for Lil is fun. Way more fun than buying clothes for myself which is probably why I don't have many. Yes, I admit, she's is like my own little real life Barbie doll. I know, controversial. Whatevs.

Anyway, she is super into clothes and I think it's wonderful. She makes clothes out of play doh for her princess dolls and accessorises them with play doh bags and hats, she is a little fashion designer in the making I'm sure of it. She was made from two creatives so, y'know... it's in her blood (although we talk about her flying to the moon and being a doctor too so it isn't all pink and barbies and shit).

Where am I going with this? Ah, clothes. If you're a regular online shopper for children's clothes you may have noticed that things have gotten a little stale. Everyone is selling the same stuff, as lovely as it is, and it's getting a bit boring. So for spring / summer I have pledged to buy as much vintage as I can for Lil's wardrobe. And it's going pretty well.

So I thought I'd let you in on my favourite online vintage stores (from etsy, obviously - that addiction is through the roof).

Retro and Me - My all time favourite. 
Fawn Vintage 
Udas Kids 
Oh Sydney 
Magpie and Hen

You are very welcome...


  1. Thanks so much for including my shop Fawn Vintage!!! She looks so cute!

  2. That watermelon dress is INSANE. I bought Hamish some little vintage rompers the other day, hopefully summer decides to make an appearance this year.

  3. What a sassy little lady she is. Where's your little baby gone eh? Thanks for the links too.

  4. ...I feel a new obsession coming on! Thank you so much for sharing your favourite shops. I will certainly be taking a look - although I have two boys and I'm sure the girl clothes will be much more exciting than the boys! LOVE the dress and the jumpsuit. Beaut x