10 things I love about her.

The shitty threes feel as though they have been going on forever (for those yet to experience, they're worse than the terrible twos) and at the moment I feel as though I'm winging this parenting business. The tantrums are epic and she has a mean right kick and slowly her behaviour is grinding me down.

I constantly have to remind myself that underneath her monster outfit, she's a very sweet and kind little girl. So I wrote a mental list and then thought perhaps I should write it down properly so I have something to go back to when I have a bad day...

1. She is stubborn. So stubborn. Apparently she is exactly how I was at this age. I often catch myself inwardly smiling when she refuses to do something she doesn't want to do, I feel like this will never change and it makes me proud to catch a glimpse of myself in her.

2. She loves to read. This months favourite is The High Street and she can recite parts of it which makes my heart swell, especially when she pronounces cockatoo as 'totatoo'.

3. Her wit is impeccable. See HERE.

4. She's a performer, she likes to dance and sing. Especially if it's to a Disney princess song. Damn princesses.

5. She's the most creative little thing I know. More creative than her creative parents (and one is the global head of a creative department). Her current favourite thing to do... fashion a dress out of play doh for her (you guessed it) Disney princess magiclip dolls.

6. Her diverse taste in music. This was inputted by her Father, mainly because he is to blame thank for this.

7. How her face lights up when she sees something she loves (mainly the Disney store, kittens and babies). So much excitement.

8. Her sass (aka attitude). Self explanatory if you're a reader of this blog.

9. 'I lick the wall Mum'. She's started licking my face. Disgusting but equally entertaining. Little weirdo.

10. Her ability to wrap her little arms around my neck and make all the bad shit just melt away into a puddle on the floor. She's kickass in jumping in those dickhead puddles too.

Lil, I love you.



  1. Number 10, I mean they are all awesome but it's amazing how #10 makes so much of the crap just fade away!

  2. It's like their worst characteristics at three will be the making of them when they are 21. Maybe.

    1. I hope! I'm pretty sure she'll kick some butts along the way. Coco too!

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I love your blog. you are awesome therefore Lil is also awesome. Sometimes the best women are the most complicated mind boggling hard work but they give back the best x