Around these parts.

Things have been crazy to say the least since we ended up in 2014. Much like last year, this year is whizzing by already at an almighty speed which is great because this weather is so bloody miserable but on the flip side it means I'll soon have a three year old. Dear God.

Tantrums, a hideous (but really bloody great) workload, a new job for Lil's Dad, tons of ironing, shit weather, one hundred anxieties and a long and tiring search for childcare aside... so far this year hasn't disappointed on the fun factor.

She's got swag, I'll give her that...

She continues to come out with some pretty amazing one liners on an often daily basis which makes my heart explode so bad that all I can think about at the moment is having another baby. Oh Lil...

'Can you stop taking my picture mum I'm trying to work...'

Anyway, there is a lot of change happening around these parts just lately and I'm excited to share some of it with you soon. I shall leave this pointless blog post there.

Happy almost spring!

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