The person I've become.

When I was pregnant, I didn't have a clue. I don't have many pictures of me during that time and I never read the pregnancy magazines or blogs (I never knew those kind of blogs existed) and I got bored of the pregnancy apps. So I just continued in ignorance. One thing I was sure of, though, was that I'd never be a certain type of Mum. One that stuck their kids artwork on the wall or took them to cooking classes. And I was sure I would never take my kid to a show such as The Chris and Pui Roadshow.

Well the whole artwork on the wall thing started from the day she 'drew' her first picture, so that's one thing ticked off the 'things I shall NEVER do' list. She's signed up for cooking classes that start next week. And today I ticked the kid show box. While we were waiting for the show to start, I wondered how I'd last an hour listening to their songs and wondered how the hell I'd come to this place I promised myself I'd never reach. And then the lights dimmed.

Watching Lil mesmerised by these two people, a switch was flicked. I found myself getting emotional. Who gives a shit if I've turned into someone a lot of people don't think is cool. My kid grinned and sang her way through the entire show. It was as if her year had been made, she was breathing the same air as two of her favourite people who she has only ever seen on TV. Christmas had come early for both of us. My heart felt as though it was going to burst as she sang along to nursery rhymes I'd taught her (although I fear she listens to Chris and Pui singing them way more than she listens to me... 'stop mummy').

I just don't give a damn anymore. As long as my little buddy is happy and joyful, I'll sit through whatever show she wants to watch (I must admit though, I'm a secret fan of this duo). I'll hang all her pictures on the wall, no matter how ugly - because she is the most precious little idiot in my world. Who cares what anyone else's perception of Motherhood is, whether they think it's pathetic or wouldn't be seen dead doing that. It's what you make of it.

Groovy moves and all...

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  1. There's more fun to be had not being cool!

  2. I always said that I wouldn't be that mother who would sit in the office and talk about kid stuff with other mums. I totally do.
    Or I wouldn't be the mum that felt fit to burst with pride when their baby learned to hold it's head up by itself. I totally did.

    Also, Chris and Pui are amazeballs. So great that Lil had such a great time. And you too. ;) XXX

  3. Damn straight my dear. Well said. xx

  4. I said all the same things as you that I would never do, and one by one I'm doing them all. The peppa pig show is booked for Jan, artwork on the fridge and I'm starting to think how cool the little cars at the shopping centre are for using as a trolley!